In 2015 I went to a concert with Sting and took my camera with me with my only zoom lens which is not a very good one, but this time I new I would need it. I also took a monopod with me, which is a tripod with one leg. And because of that I almost got arrested for taking pictures like a pro. They who wanted that, bought more expesive tickets than me and all the people that was just going to listen and watch the show.

So my mistake was the monopod and because of it somebody saw me and send security to me and they took my camera away from me and I deleted all the photos on my camera card.

But after I got my camera back and got home I got me a software that can retreve photos from a card that has been deleted and that is exacly what I did. But I have only published one of these photos because I was afraid that someone would know it was me who did something I was not alloud to do.

But now 6 years later and me looking at old photos I decided to put these in a photoblog to show you.


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