The football family

When you are an Icelandic and a football fan you buy the Icelandic football team costume for you and all your children and of course you order your self a photoshoot of the family playing football and more.

Fantastic photoshoot I had this week with this wonderful family.  They were all so exited when they arrived so I had to start the photoshoot at that moment.

This little 4 years old girl was so amazing in the photoshoot and had so many fun moments like this one.

And the mother gave her all in the moment as you can see here.  Áfram Ísland.  Which means Go on Iceland.

Such a beautiful eyes she has.

And the boy had to show me how cool he was with the football.


And the oldest showed me a little gym.

Proud mother with her children and proud Icelanders.

Thank you all for a fantastic photoshoot, I just love it.

Yours Kristin @Mirra

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