Helleren in Jøssingfjord

Surrounded by all the tones of grey in the colour scale
In a world of nuances of grey lie the two small houses in this particular, extraordinary light: Jøssingfjord and Helleren are surrounded by all the tones of grey in the colour scale. Helleren – “Hedlaren” – forms a natural roof and shelter that have been taken advantage of by people for thousands of years. Helleren is large – the drop fall measures at its deepest 10 metres. The two houses do not have roof thatching – simply because they are protected by Helleren – and this is also the reason why these two houses and this landscape provide a unique and special experience. Both houses date back from the 1800s, however large parts of the buildings might be considerably older. Most probably, there has been settlements under Helleren from the 1500s. Dalane Folkemuseum is today the owner and responsible caretaker of the houses.

This is a text I found on the internet about this amazing place Helleren.  I had seen pictures and heard about it and wanted to go there for over a year.  It is not so far from my home, only 2,5 hour drive but sometimes it can take you far to long to go somewhere.  But last weekend I did go there and this is a beautiful place that reminds us that not so long ago people lived with so much more difficulties than we do today.  Reminds us not to forget the history and maybe be more grateful for what we have today.


I recommend you take the tour to Helleren if you are not so far away.

Have a nice Monday folks and remember to enjoy life.
Yours Kristin @Mirra

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