England day 6

On the sixth day I just took a walk around the neighborhood my friend Fifa lives.  There is always so much fun to she how people live in other country’s.

First you see the host her self Fridur Birna at work, but she works from home and I was a little worried I would interrupt her to much but hope she did the job done while I was there.

These houses are so different from the houses here in Norway, but beautiful in their own way.

This house seems to be empty with some broken windows but could be so beautiful if somebody would fix it up.

And yes, my friend lives just around the corner from the underground and all the shops you shop in, when in London.

This one is my favorite, I love shopping in Primark.

And after looking at the shopping center I took a small path and walked beside a small river.

I can’t say these people have ambition in their fences, but each and every one of them could make a great backround in a photoshoot.

Strange gardens here.

And more beautiful empty houses.

Here we see a great example of how the old meets the new in London.

And this old “messy” church doesn’t get the space it needs for us to enjoy it.  Beautiful building but so many other houses are so tight up at it, that is was almost impossible to photograph it.

And of course my beautiful Astros Mirra

These boats were something new to me.  People lives there all year long.  I thought it was maybe like a summerboats people would rent in their holidays, but no no people live in these boats.

And some have made a small garden outside.

This was my little walk around Uxbridge in London, hope you enjoy these pictures.
Untill next time, yours Kristin @Mirra

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