England day 4

Well If you notice day 3 was missing you are right.  No pictures were taking on day 3 because it was a travel day.  But on day 4 me and my daughter visited Windsor town and Windsor Castle.  That is amazing place and I really would love to have a building that old and beautiful near by where I live.  Such an amazing walls to use as a background in a photoshoot.  But this was not a photoshoot trip but of course I asked my daughter to pose every now an then.  And even asked her to take some pictures of me also.

Amazing day with so much to inhale and experience.

This picture is so typical for turist places.

In such a beautiful place one have to have her own picture taken. But sometimes I forget it and often there are no pictures of me from a family holidays.

ok, one was not enough 🙂

When I get older I more understand why some schools uses uniforms but in this “all girl” class I couldn’t stop wondering why some of them don’t have pants on,  also.  Why are all the girls in a skirt?  And in this cold weather I sure think they need warmer cloths.

These men always appeal to me, not just because I’m a women, more because I come from a land where we don’t have anything like it.  Nobody is alowed to carry guns not even the police and we most certainly do not have any royalties, no king or queen, except drag queens maybe.

and she is taken a selfie, oh my god.  Even though I’m very exited to see all this I would never disturb these men at work.

I wasn’t suppose to take pictures inside the castle but I did take two of this amazing dollhouse Victoria princess had to play with.

And me again, oh my God this is maybe to much.

Or not?  No it’s fine isn’t it.  You know I also love to pose and love to have my pictures taken, not sure how good of a model I am but I can have so much fun with it.

These walls are so amazing and so is my daughter too.

And even though it is so cold the spring flowers are trying to blossom.  Oh I wish I could come here again in May.

And of course we had to take one picture outside the gift shop just because that is so British and almost nothing has changes since 1981 when every gift shop was full of thing with pictures of Karl and Diana, but now it is Harry and Meghan.

Hope you enjoyed this trip to Windsor Castle with me and hope you are you are not out in this bad weather, but warm inside and cozy.

Yours Kristin Jona @Mirra


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