England day 2

Day 2 – Cambridge

On our second day in Cambridge me and my daughter started out walking and sightseeing and of course now I could take pictures of her looking at this beautiful river.

And by the church also.  It is so much more fun to take pictures outside if you have people in them though you can’t put people everywhere 🙂

Sadly the weather was bad, rain and cold.


After looking at the shopping center and talking about what we want to buy etc. a young man came to us and asked if we had been on a riverboat sightseeing tour.  We sad no and my daughter asked him more about it and it sounded great for 2 people that wasn’t sure what to do in the rain.  So we walked with him to the river and sat on a small boat like that.  The young people stearing the boats and telling us the story about Cambridge and the beautiful buildings and all the schools there are all students in the town, earning a little bit money to make life easier.

And now we had totally different view because from this side it is not so easy to walk to and of course then you don’t have a guide to tell you the story.

Our guide was not only handsome young man, but he also could answer all our questions.

I love these old walls and bricks and the colors even in this bad photography weather are amazing.

This tour was so amazing and I’m so glad this young man found us.  After the tour we walked a little bit around in the town and then to the shopping mall and then to the hotel where it took a bit to warm us up and we were very glad to have a restaurant right across the street, to have our dinner that night.

Great 2 day’s in Cambridge and the next day we are suppose to travel to Uxbridge in London and for a young girl and her mother that doesn’t travel so much and are not used to trains it is a challenge to see if we could do it right.

Have a nice day in the cold winter weather where ever you are.
yours Kristin Jona @Mirra

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