England day 1

Day one – Cambridge

I was on a girl trip with my daughter in England last week.  We started our trip at Cambridge and the first day, my daughter was out to meet friends so I was all alone walking around the hotel in about an hour.

I am not used to walk all alone in new places and this day was almost over, maybe 1 hour light so I wanted to see to much and photograph to much.  But I didn’t see so much, but I saw the neighborhood of our hotel.

First our hotel, that was more like a guesthouse, but great as a guesthose.  We had room on the second floor with this beautiful window.

And across the street was this restaurant / bar with amazing food and very nice staff.  The Old spring, I’m maybe too old to read fonts like this because I really though the name was the Ol’o spring, what ever that means.

And as I walk down the street this is the view.  So beautiful and typical english street.  I love it.

And in Cambridge as in so many beautiful citys in the world there is a river running through it and as I walked down the street I saw this small lane to the river.

And of course I had to walk it and then I saw this.  One thing I didn’t know was that there are people living in these riverboats all year long, I thought this was only a summerboats.

I love bridges and of course where there are river, there are bridge or bridges.

And then there was this view.  Humm is it a castle behind these trees or ….. as you can see the light is going away from me but I had to find out what kind of house this was over there.

Not a castle, not even close because this is a church behind another house.  But it looks good from here.

As I got closer the tower started to move from the house so then I saw that it was a separate building.

I love these streets of Cambridge where the houses are all the same and this curved lines that the houses forms.

Cambridge are very green city and have a lot of green gardens in every neighborhood.

and Cambridge has so many people on a bicycles and it appears to me that they have the right over walking people, I just had to jump from left to right all the time to get away from the bicycles.  And also cars don’t stop for people who want’s to walk over the street, you have to run across it if where there is no walking lights.

This church is so beautiful and there are so many beautiful buildings in Cambridge but it is so often, you can’t photograph it because other houses are to close or something else.  This side was ok to photograph.

Also there are both churches and school buildings where you can’t come inside the fence.  Everything is locked and private.   Ok I get it, but for us that just wants to take som pictures it would be nice to be able to see the other side.

Something old and something new.

Could it be that when you live in a city like Cambridge you stop seeing how beautiful everything is and just throw you bike outside a building and park your car where ever you can?

This was very strange for me to see, they put advertises all over fences around these beautiful buildings.  This is so unappealing, haven’t they heard of social media?

Maybe when I come back I will see if there is something exiting in this cute little theater.  But ups, sorry about the plummer crack on the bike.  😉

I have no idea what is in this building but I imagine that this could be a brewery or a pub, or ….. well I don’t know but I like it very much.

And again, these curved lines, so great.  But I wonder if people who had a few beers don’t go in somebody else’s door.

And on my way back to the guesthouse I saw these athletics training.

I’m an englisman in New York (Cambridge) this song pops in my head when I look at this picture.  This old man is so english and the street also.  Couldn’t be anywhere else in the world.

But here in this long line of houses not all looked the same and I started wondering if it is because the younger people are moving in or what?

And they are even started to bring colors on the houses to separate them from each other.

Well this was my first walking hour in Cambridge so you can imagine there is more to come and maybe a bit different because then my daughter is with me.

Have a fabulous day and remember to enjoy every moment.
Yours Kristin Jona @Mirra

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