Copying an old photo…

Happy new year to all of you.

Before Christmas my mother in law came to visit and spend the Christmas with me and my family and almost every time she comes the two of us go out to play as we say, but that is when I get to photograph her and this year is no different both because we like it and also because she has lost a lot of weight and looks amazing.

But we though we should have a theme but both of us were empty in all the Christmas planning so I almost had decided to just photograph her and no theme, when I was watching one course in Annie Leibovitz masterclass where she asked us to do an assignment.


    Consider photographing an elderly person in your community or in your life. As part of your preparation for the shoot, ask for photos of them when they were younger. How does the younger photo inform how you will approach photographing them now? Consider going through their wardrobe with them, finding clothes they haven’t worn in years, and ask questions.

    And then I got the idea!  I did remember to have seen a photo of her taken around 1965 by my late father in law who was a photographer in Iceland for over 30 years.  And we started to try to remember the photo – there were studiolights in it, she had a icelandic wool sweater on etc.

    And we went to the studio to copy that picture and here is the result of that photoshoot with 73 year old MADDY that still looks amazing.



    But few day’s after we took these pictures I was going through old pictures from my old webpage and found a copy of the original photo.

    So we didn’t remember it correct but we were close to it, but the best was working on this project with her and trying to remember what she did in a photoshoot 50 years ago.

    Have a nice day
    yours Kristin @Mirra

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