Photography tour in Iceland…

When I was in Iceland last July I went on a tour with my photoclub women and photography.  We didn’t get the perfect weather but we saw a little bit of blue sky but the most important thing was being together with amazing women that loves photography.

First we drove all the way to Glanni at Borgarfjordur

And 5 minutes walk from Glanni we have a little paradise called Paradísarlaut and it is so nice and quiet there most of the time, but this place like every other in Iceland suffers from to many people visiting.  But we were lucky to get around 10 minutes without any other people but that’s it.  Then it was almost not possible to take pictures of this beauty without having people in the photos.

After Borgarfjordur we drove to Hvalfjordur which is a beautiful fjord but the weather and the light was not in our favour this day, but still I took some pictures there.

Almost at the end of Hvalfjordur one of the women in the group wanted us to stop at this place called Stedji a beautiful rock that stands alone and behind him you get the amazing view over the Hvalfjordur.

Then last but not least we took a detour to Þingvellir to see Þórufoss which I had never heard of but is so beautiful.

This was one long and amazing day with women with same interest and you’re not seeing pictures from when we sit together talking and talking and having fun.

Thank you Konur og ljósmyndir for this great tour,
yours Kristin Jóna

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