Meðalfellsvatn og Þórufoss

When I was on my tour with women and photography I saw for the first time Þórufoss and all the beautiful mountains and landscape on that path but the weather was not so great and we had been on tour the hole day and was tired so I decided to show this to my husband later in a perfect weather.

If you have been in Iceland you know that if you get good weather there is nothing as beautiful as that land, but to get good weather is not so easy and this summer was rain and rain and dull sky and more rain.

But I woke up one morning and the sun was shining and we had no plans that day, so we went on this tour, me and my husband.  I love going on a photography tours with a driver 🙂

And yes we went and hadn’t gone far when the sun decided to go somewhere else but we kept our plans and maybe next time I get this roundtrip in a better weather, but I think you can see how beautiful this can be.

We were in our summerhouse at Þingvellir this time we were in Iceland, and almost every day we drove by this place here and always was I thinking how beautiful it is, but sometimes the places that are close to you get least attention, so I just took a picture while driving.

What I love about Icelandic landscape is that you can see the land far away but in the middle there is this beautiful small mountain, that makes everything just pop.

But there are also all these amazing big mountains that makes this landscape so amazing.

And of course horses, Iceland horses are so beautiful and in my mind they are part of the landscape.

Hope you enjoyed this round trip from Þingvellir to Þingvellir,
yours Kristin Jona

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