Almost celebrity….

Yes, I said celebrity because I wont to tell you about two young women (girls) that I have been honoured to take pictures of before they became famous.

The first one is ASA her first record will come out in september and she has released 4 songs already and a video with 2 or 3 of them.

She is so amazing, 27 years old now with 2 kids and the 3 on its way in october, but that doesn’t stop her, oh no.

This is one of my favorite picture I have taken. I took it with my lensbaby in abandonet house at Miðfell, near Þingvallavatn.  They have now torn the house down, but in that house her great, great, great grandfather lived.Another picture of ASA taken outside that old house, she is not just talented in music, she is also a great model and actress.Our theme in this photoshoot was old things and we also found and old and rusty car outside the house and yes don’t forget about the old newpaper she found inside that house and is reading.Here you can see her video’s on YouTube.  Enjoy this talented young women music.


Paradise of love

Crocodile tears

Hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I do.  And now I want to show you another Icelandic girl I got to photograph 2 weeks ago and by then I had no idea she had started her carrier in Iceland, or I hadn’t heard the song I found in YouTube two day’s ago.  I really hope she will do more, because she has an amazing voice which I would like to hear more of.

Saga Matthildur was singing at the opening of Norway Summer Games and I was asked to take a few pictures of her.  Now I’m so glad I could and did.

Beautiful girl with so amazing voice and talent.  I hope I hear more from you Saga Matthildur.

And here is the song I did find on YouTube en love so much.  I have to say, I had never heard this song before with Ed Sheeran, but now I have heard it also but like the womans voice better in it.


But wait a minute, I did find another video of her singing in a singing contest in her high school.

Here you can see that also.

Have a fantastic weekend,
yours Kristin Jona @Mirra Photography

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