Where the wind blows….

Stórhöfði is the windiest place on north side of the earth, I used to live near that place and every time people here in Norway talk about much wind I laugh and say, you aint seen nothing yet.

The one place here in south Norway I feel like home is Lindesnes fyr, because the wind there is heavy also.

But here I wanted to show you pictures from Stórhöfði in Vestmannaeyjar.

I also are going to show you few pictures of my daughter which I took inside of an cave named Páskahellir.  This cave is in the new lava that we got in 1973 volcano.

Now the people in Vestmannaeyjar are having their annual festival with so many fantastic events and I would like you to hear and see a video from it.

The song name is “where your heart beats”

Have a fantastic Sunday folks,
yours Kristin @Mirra Photography

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