My little summerhouse…

I have a small summerhouse in Iceland at Þingvallavatn and this summer when we were in our holiday in Iceland that summerhouse was our home.

I hadn’t been there for at least 4 years and the feeling the first night when me and my husband walked down to the water was so overwhelming and I felt so much love for this place and the nature in Iceland.

In this trip to Iceland the weather was not so great but I loved it anyway.

The first thing I notice was the trees are all so much bigger, but I’m not sure you can belive they are 15 years old.  In Norway they would be over 5 meters I think, ha ha ha.  But at Þingvellir all the plants are low and that is how it should be there.

My home away from home at a bright sunny night in Iceland and me enjoying it with my husband.

Have a fantastic day and if the sun doesn’t shine outside, just put on some shorts inside and pretend.

Yours, Kristin @Mirra Photography

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