Me and my lensbaby

I have a special lens “lensbaby” that I have loved so much but not used so much the last 2 years.  But took it up again few weeks back and I’m so loving it and it is working so much better with my new camera.

So yesterday I had a photoshoot with my daughter again (and that I love also) and said to her I wanted to take some pictures with lensbaby but when I was going to change lenses she refused because she was loving these pictures so much.  So the hole session was with lensbaby and just one backround the new grey we have in the studio now.

But only few day’s ago I was reworking on some pictures I took in Iceland of a young women that is now making her own album and is very promising young singer called ASA and her photos was also taken with lensbaby.


And I also took pictures in Mandal few day’s ago with lensbaby

You can see and learn more about this lens here at their site

Hope you like this lens and it’s effects as much as I do.  Have a nice day, yours Kristin Jona @Mirra Photography

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