17. mai i Øyslebø

I love 17. mai and I love how norwegian people celebrate their national day, I have to go back to my childhood to find similar celebration in Iceland.  I love how everybody dresses up and uses their “bunad” and after I moved to Norway I wanted for the first time to own an Icelandic “bunad” or national Icelandic costume.

Here are few pictures I took in Øyslebø yesterday.

The band is not big but this is not a big town and it is great they have a band to play in the parade and lead with music.

I love to see the small children expecially in their “bunad” and how proud they are, waving their flag and celebrating.

I’m not sure how many types of costume we saw in this small parade, but every women has the costume from her home town.  So you can see in this picture that only 2 women here are from the same town.

And the mans costumes are so dignifying and beautiful.

3 women all from different places and see how beautiful the dresses are.

Hope you enjoyed this,
yours Kristin @Mirra Photography

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