Walking in Mandal

It’s been a long time since I, me, myself have been walking in Mandal just me and the camera but yesterday I did it again.  Many would maybe say ops I did it again but there is no ops here.  I always love walking in Mandal and somehow I find new views on the same thing again and again.

Yesterday I had my Lensbaby on the camera and that gives a totally different perspective view to what I see.

Welcome to Mandal in the spring

This picture is taking outside my studio.

This is Store Elvegate my old street where I use to live.

As much as I love the white houses in Mandal, I also love when this bright yellow color comes in between, specially in the spring.  It is like we have been living in a grey world for too long and seek for colors when the sun starts to shine.

Just around this corner for the first apartment we lived in when we moved to central in Mandal.

This is my favorite street in Mandal, Nordgata.  I don’t know what is is but I love walking it and maybe it is because it is not strait and has a curve and a little bit of colors and beautiful steps and flowers outside the houses. I don’t know but I love it.

And yes I did find flowers with colors and such a beauty to watch.

This is new to my, these colorful tables and chairs and all these bright yellow flowers on the fence.  Simply love it.

And of course I took some pictures of Mandalselven.

And my favorite bridge that lead us to the culture house in Mandal.

And from the other side of the bridge you can see the centrum in Mandal and guess what are my favorite houses there?  YES of course the colorful and bright in the middle of this photo.

This is amazing house with a big art on the wall inside and I was told that the people who own it have to have some kind og exhibit of it from time to time, don’t know if it’s true, but why not.

When I lived in Mandal I used this wall a lot in portrait photoshoots outside, still love it.

And Mandal centrum from the other side. 

And the fishermen always buy their cloths in Vic or that would be convenient 🙂

And then I just sat down, bought my self som icecream and enjoyd the sun and people and the view.

Have a nice second half of the week now, soon there will be weekend again.

Yours Kristin Jona @Mirra Photography


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