I have showed you pictures of lighthouses in Norway I’ve taken pictures of but I have also taken pictures of lighthouses in Iceland and Danmark.

Here you can see all the lighthouses I found pictures of, some of the pictures are old and some are new.

This lighthouse is somewhere in Iceland, I’ll find out where and let you know.

This lighthouse in in Reykjanesskagi in Iceland, not sure about the name, but I think it is Stafsnesviti.

I think this lighthouse is in Akranes, Iceland.

And this is also in Akranes, Iceland, Akranesviti.

This little lighthouse in the middle of the town Hafnarfjordur, Iceland.  In the old time it was used but now only a monument.

Not sure where this lighthouse is but I belive it is in the north Iceland, if you know where and what it is called, please let me know. This could also be Skarðsviti in Vatnsnes.

This lighthouse is in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland and most of the time it is called hálfviti, which means half of a lighthouse, but it also means idiot.

Garðskagaviti is on Reykjanes, near Keflavik in Iceland.

Reykjanesviti in Grindavik, Iceland.

This isn’t exactly a lighthouse or what?  Either way it is in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Grótta in Reykjavík, Iceland

Þorlákshafnarviti in Þorlákshöfn Iceland.

This picture did I take while driving in Danmark, have no idea what it is called or where exactly it is.  Or though I think it is near the big bridges in Danmark.

Hanstholm fyr in Hanstholm Danmark

Hirsthals fyr is in Hirsthals in Danmark.

This lighthouse is in Lyngør an Island that is near Risør or Tvedestrand about two hours from Mandal, Norway.

Odderøya Fyr i Kristiansand, Norway.

Bestemor i Mandal, Norway.

Ryvingen Fyr in Mandal, Norway.

Lista Fyr in Farsund og Lista, Norway.

Lindesnes Fyr in Lindesnes, Norway.

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