The wedding drama

The wedding is over and everybody is having so much fun in the wedding party, the bride is very feminine and sexy but the groome thought she was flurting with other man and they fought and fought hard untill he drove away.  And now the bride is all alone in her own wedding, thinking what just happened.

Did I do something wrong?  Could this marriage be good if it starts with something like this.

Is it possible for me to be in a marriage where I can’t be me all the time?

I know I’m beautiful and I love to be feminine and sexy and if he can’t handle that, how can we survive?

I have no idea what to do.

I am who I am and think the foundation of a marriage is to trust each other.

And if we are to argue every time I feel like this, I’m not sure I can handle it.

What should I do?

How can I handle all this?

A broken heart is one of those experiences that all of us as humans can share, yet you can only experience alone.

I wonder if you know what you are doing to me!

“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…”– Nicholas Sparks

Maybe I’ll be spontaneous and creative, go out and have fun, let things happen naturally.

I have decided to go on a trip, alone.  Honeymoon for one!

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.

— Mark Twain


7 years old

Only 7 years old and knows what she wants.  She asked me if I could take many pictures of her doing different things with white backround and later put 4 to 5 together in a one photo.  Of course  I said yes.

I hope she is happy with these pictures.

She also wanted to try out different clothes and use different flowers in her hair.

This picture reminds me of the 70’s, she could have had a role in the play “The hair” at least the songs from that play comes to my head when I look at this picture.

There is so nice to photograph this young girl because I just have to say one’s what I want or how I want her to pose and she does it.

And of course you have to try out hats and sunglasses also.  How cool can you be at seven?

But she is only 7 years old so of course I took normal 7 years old photos for grandma and grandpa to have on their wall.

The she started to change dresses, we do have a lot of beautiful dresses in the studio and little girls just love it.  They feel like prinsesses and all the focus is on them making them self so pretty and fine.

This photo is so timeless somehow.  Could be many years old but also from yesterday.  I just love it and these eyes are so amazing.

New dress, new backround, new flower in her hair but still this every so beautiful girl.  She will be in my studio every now and then so you can follow her.

We also tried out some early Christmas photoshoot to use for advertising

And here comes santa’s little elv.

Fancy lady in a black dress with flower in her hair.

Dansing girl and again with new flower in her hair and new beautiful green dress.

I have to admit that I like so much to take headshots of her and I know that parents like their children to smile on pictures but I don’t.  I really like to photograph people that are serious but not misunderstand me, I love happy people with a smile on their faces.

Like on this picture she has a smile in her eyes but not so much in her mouth and this I just love.

But every now and then I get pictures like this, that I can’t stop smiling because I know why she is laughing, and laughing so hard.

Have a happy weekend people and remember to enjoy every single moment and maybe laugh a little like my beautiful friend here.

Yours Kristin Jona @Mirra Photography

Borhaug og Lista

I went on monday with my collage Gro Bruskeland on a photo tour to Borhaug og Lista and as always on a such a tour we photograph each other and here you can see pictures I took of Gro and pictures of me which Gro took.

If you haven’t notice I’m the funny one dressed in all the colours of world!

It is always funny to see the pictures we take of each other in such a tour, the 2 last one are posed, because I come from a small fishing town in Iceland, called Vestmannaeyjar it was so appropriate to take these pictures.

Until next time,
yours Kristin and Gro

Meðalfellsvatn og Þórufoss

When I was on my tour with women and photography I saw for the first time Þórufoss and all the beautiful mountains and landscape on that path but the weather was not so great and we had been on tour the hole day and was tired so I decided to show this to my husband later in a perfect weather.

If you have been in Iceland you know that if you get good weather there is nothing as beautiful as that land, but to get good weather is not so easy and this summer was rain and rain and dull sky and more rain.

But I woke up one morning and the sun was shining and we had no plans that day, so we went on this tour, me and my husband.  I love going on a photography tours with a driver 🙂

And yes we went and hadn’t gone far when the sun decided to go somewhere else but we kept our plans and maybe next time I get this roundtrip in a better weather, but I think you can see how beautiful this can be.

We were in our summerhouse at Þingvellir this time we were in Iceland, and almost every day we drove by this place here and always was I thinking how beautiful it is, but sometimes the places that are close to you get least attention, so I just took a picture while driving.

What I love about Icelandic landscape is that you can see the land far away but in the middle there is this beautiful small mountain, that makes everything just pop.

But there are also all these amazing big mountains that makes this landscape so amazing.

And of course horses, Iceland horses are so beautiful and in my mind they are part of the landscape.

Hope you enjoyed this round trip from Þingvellir to Þingvellir,
yours Kristin Jona

Photography tour in Iceland…

When I was in Iceland last July I went on a tour with my photoclub women and photography.  We didn’t get the perfect weather but we saw a little bit of blue sky but the most important thing was being together with amazing women that loves photography.

First we drove all the way to Glanni at Borgarfjordur

And 5 minutes walk from Glanni we have a little paradise called Paradísarlaut and it is so nice and quiet there most of the time, but this place like every other in Iceland suffers from to many people visiting.  But we were lucky to get around 10 minutes without any other people but that’s it.  Then it was almost not possible to take pictures of this beauty without having people in the photos.

After Borgarfjordur we drove to Hvalfjordur which is a beautiful fjord but the weather and the light was not in our favour this day, but still I took some pictures there.

Almost at the end of Hvalfjordur one of the women in the group wanted us to stop at this place called Stedji a beautiful rock that stands alone and behind him you get the amazing view over the Hvalfjordur.

Then last but not least we took a detour to Þingvellir to see Þórufoss which I had never heard of but is so beautiful.

This was one long and amazing day with women with same interest and you’re not seeing pictures from when we sit together talking and talking and having fun.

Thank you Konur og ljósmyndir for this great tour,
yours Kristin Jóna


I’m so lucky to be a part of a photography club in Iceland, that is called women and photography and every time I come to Iceland, we find time to go together in a photography tour and this summer was no different.

We went to Borgarfjordur, Hvalfjordur and took a detour on our way back to Þingvellir.

As always amazing day with amazing women and I think I was the youngest in the group this time.

One thing that I like about these women is that they know how to dress in a tour like this, in a very colourful clothes which make our landscape pictures pop up.

Here you can se pictures of these women from last summer.

Thanks girls for a great trip.

Yours Kristin á Nesan

Almost celebrity….

Yes, I said celebrity because I wont to tell you about two young women (girls) that I have been honoured to take pictures of before they became famous.

The first one is ASA her first record will come out in september and she has released 4 songs already and a video with 2 or 3 of them.

She is so amazing, 27 years old now with 2 kids and the 3 on its way in october, but that doesn’t stop her, oh no.

This is one of my favorite picture I have taken. I took it with my lensbaby in abandonet house at Miðfell, near Þingvallavatn.  They have now torn the house down, but in that house her great, great, great grandfather lived.Another picture of ASA taken outside that old house, she is not just talented in music, she is also a great model and actress.Our theme in this photoshoot was old things and we also found and old and rusty car outside the house and yes don’t forget about the old newpaper she found inside that house and is reading.Here you can see her video’s on YouTube.  Enjoy this talented young women music.


Paradise of love

Crocodile tears

Hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I do.  And now I want to show you another Icelandic girl I got to photograph 2 weeks ago and by then I had no idea she had started her carrier in Iceland, or I hadn’t heard the song I found in YouTube two day’s ago.  I really hope she will do more, because she has an amazing voice which I would like to hear more of.

Saga Matthildur was singing at the opening of Norway Summer Games and I was asked to take a few pictures of her.  Now I’m so glad I could and did.

Beautiful girl with so amazing voice and talent.  I hope I hear more from you Saga Matthildur.

And here is the song I did find on YouTube en love so much.  I have to say, I had never heard this song before with Ed Sheeran, but now I have heard it also but like the womans voice better in it.


But wait a minute, I did find another video of her singing in a singing contest in her high school.

Here you can see that also.

Have a fantastic weekend,
yours Kristin Jona @Mirra Photography